Sunday, November 29, 2009


Halloween was a blast this year with all the gran-girls. Kallie is the oldest at 3 years old and she was Cinderella, Greyson is 2 years old and she was an Angel, Karleigh is 18 months old and she was a Witch-Good Witch and then little Bailey who is 13 months old and she was a Garden Gnome. They girls had a blast. We took Ma maw's wagons so the girls wouldn't get tired of walking. What fun it is to take your children Trick-or-Treating. To see their faces.

Happy 3ard Birthday to my little girl

Wow how fast 3 years has past since God gave us Kallie to brighten our lives and try our patience as well. I am truly amazed at how fast my baby girl has grown into a little girl literally we are shopping in the girls section for clothes now. Happy Birthday to our little girl and too many more wonderful birthdays. Thank you to everyone who came to help us celebrate Kallie's birthday.

Our 3 year old Cowgirl

Our little Cowgirl
On November 1 our little angel turned 3 years old. Time has flown by amazingly quick. At this rate tomorrow we will wake up and she will be starting school. I can wait.

Women of Faith

What a wonderful weekend Brenda, Teresa, Janice and I had at Women of Faith in Houston. It is truly an uplifting experience and will bring tears to your eyes to see all the Women who like you and I believe in Our Lord Jesus Christ. We were blessed to hear some wonderful speakers and amazing voices sing to us. The Women of Faith ladies are awesome! We were blessed to hear Stephen Curtis Chapman and well as Nicole C. Mullen, WOW! If you ever get the chance to go to a Women of Faith event please good, it will touch your heart in every way.

Kenneth's Red

Thanksgiving at the Coast

For Thanksgiving we did our 2Nd Annual fishing at Freeport for Reds. We had a great time, although this year it was cold the whole time. Thanks to the cold and rainy weather we brought home a couple of Reds and a Gaff Top aka Salt Water Catfish. Kenneth also caught a 2 foot Shark, Stingray and well as a Red that got to Kenneth's heart. She was large and full of eggs so he decided to let her live to see another day, we hope she didn't go right down the beach to the next hook and not so tender-hearted fisherman. Poppa caught a Red that he also had a tender-heart for and let live to to another day. So all in all a great fishing trip. Can't wait to go again. Kallie and I picked up a lot of shells, we found a rather large shell which is rare in Freeport, not many large shells on the beach there. We are so Thankful to be able to go to Freeport and fish to celebrate a wonderful Holiday in our country. Thank you Lord for all you have blessed us with and bring into our lives.

Friday, October 2, 2009

The Man George Strait

LeAnn Womack opened for George Strait

George Strait

My all time favorite singer George Strait was coming to Cedar Park to open the new Center. My husband let me get tickets to see George Strait for our Anniversary. So the day came and myself along with some friends headed to see the "MAN" in concert. We had a blast and it is by-far the best concert I have ever been too. I took pictures all night long. Thank you my wonderful husband, wish you could have been there with me though. I love you!

Story Time at the Library

Story Time at the Library

On Tuesdays and Thursday the Stephenville Public Library conducts a Story-Time for the children. So Kallie and I decided to make it a date and join in on the fun. This is Kallie's first time to visit the Library and it was an eye opening experience for her. She loves books and there were more than she had ever seen and feel in love with them all. She couldn't pick a book up fast enough. We are having to learn that you can not pulls books off the shelf and put them where ever you would like. However the story time was great and Kallie enjoyed it. They read 6 books which was a little long for a 2 year old, but we survived.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Deer and Turkeys


Pigs everywhere

Wild Life Everywhere at the Ranch

This past weekend we had a Memorial for Noni to attend so we took the opportunity the visit the ranch. About 7pm every night we went out to feed and saw wild life everywhere. The bucks are in velvet and fawns with their spots were eager to eat. We came around a corner and out ran the pigs and boy there are a lot of pigs. There are also plenty of turkeys for you to set your sights on. Hunting season is around the corner and we will see how all the bucks fair.

Saturday, August 8, 2009


Kallie trying on her Daddy's Funny Silly Pepper Hat.

So this past weekend my husband came home with a new Hat. I think he bought it just to embarrass me. But he loves the Hat and I think it's in part because it's not my favorite Hat that he owns. Kallie our daughter thinks it's rather funny when Daddy wears his new Hat and calls him a "Funny Silly Pepper". Not sure what that means but she seems to think she does. We will see what you all think.


One of our beautiful oak trees on our place. I love our large oak and pecan trees.
Part of the new fence by the house. We are trying to keep the neighbours dogs on their property and out of our yard.

Fence in the back of the place going down to the creek. Almost completely fenced.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Doing Laundry

I had to take pictures just to have proof that my daughter can and did do laundry at one time. Yes my busy daughter loves to help do laundry (take the clothes to the washer, put the clothes in the dryer, fold up the clothes and finally put them up). Lucky I know but I'm not sure how long this will last. So I really wanted to have proof that she did do laundry in her life time and YES, that she can do laundry. We have to work on keeping our shirt on while doing laundry-or all the time. We can only work on a few things at a time.

Dominos for All

This past weekend we had a house full of family to visit with and enjoy. One evening Kenneth, his Grandpa Harry, Grandma Nadine and Mom Janice decided to play dominos. Kallie wanted to play as well so Great Grandma Theroux gave Kallie her own set of dominos to play with and she was tickled red. It also kept Kallie out of their way! Sneaky!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Kallie verses the Dirt Clot

Kenneth and I have been building fence up front and Kallie has been helping. Kallie will help a little and then start picking up rocks, sticks and dirt clots and throwing them. Well today she spotted the perfect dirt clot, reared back and let er rip and right back it came at her. The dirt clot hit the wire on the fence and came right back at her, hitting her in the nose. So now she is sporting a few scratches on her nose. It didn't stop her from throwing more, it that hard headed or what.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy 4th of July America

For the 4Th of July some of my family came up to Stephenville to help us celebrate America's Day. We had hot dogs, chips, dips and laughter. What a great time. Then at 9:00pm we headed into town to the park to watch the beautiful firework show. We got to the park and finally found a parking spot-which turned out to be the perfect spot. We caught part of the concert and then the firework show started. What a beautiful show and Kallie loved it. She and my granny sat together to watch the show. It is a wonderful site to see your daughter getting to enjoy her great-granny.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Garden 09 update

I just wanted to update the pictures on our garden which is producing wonderfully. We have made Bread and Butter pickles, Dill pickles, Pickled Okra and Squash pickles. I have also made Hot Sauce which is partically made from our garden and I have made Mesquite Bean Jelly and if you have never had any.......Oh Boy you are missing some of the best jelly there is. Kallie's pumpkins are doing great too, we have one that is already starting to turn orange so we will be harvesting her 1st pumpkin soon. She is very excitted.

The New Barnes Yard

Tuesday they started the work on our new yard and finished up our yard today. We had 5 cedar trees bull-dozed and a ton of dirt hauled in from the front pasture. It looks amazing, I can't even believe the change. Now we are working on getting our grass started again and eventually planting some oak trees.....Red Oak if I have it my way. Kallie is loving the yard and runs as fast as her long legs will carry her across the yard. Amazing is all I can say.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

My Cowgirl

We had to rearrange our living room and Kallie spotted my saddle right of. She wanted to sit in my saddle and ride. She did her best to persuade her Daddy for a horse, sad blue eyes and all but Daddy didn't go for it. Of course he had to look away to say NO to her, but I am sure she will keep working on him and maybe oneday get her horse. Goodluck my girl!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

My Daily Walk had a Vistor

We have now lived in Selden for 3 years. I try to do my daily walk everyday of 1 1/2 miles. For the first time my walk had a vistor-a bad one, well should I say two vistors-a bad one and a good one. One was a little cotton tail rabbit that I was trying not to scare off. So while walking I was staying to the far side of my drive and trying not to make eye contact with the cotton tail so it would not run off, while doing so I came upon a snake. If you want to check your heart out and how much it can handle....walk up on a snake. I was 2 feet away from it and it was 2 feet long. I don't believe it was a bad snake but I don't like snakes. We had a brief (1 or 2 second) stare and I was gone. Back to the house I went to get Kenneth and the gun. But by the time my handsome Knight with armour got there the snake had slithered away. I am extra cautious now when I go outside. However the snake will not keep me fron walking, I just might carry a stick from now on.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Monkey made of LOVE

Kallie received a Monkey made of love from Great Grandma Theroux. We found a pattern for this monkey and Kallie really, really wanted it so Great Grandma Theroux made it for her. She absolutely loves her monkey and calls him George from Curious George. He's a pretty cute little fella.


Well we planted a garden this year and it turned out to be bigger than what I intended it to be. We have tomatoes, peppers, squash, cucumbers, pumpkins, watermelons, cantaloupes, corn, beans, onions and lettus. The Lord has blessed us with some rain and sun shine so the gardens is coming along. We have already picked a banana pepper and bell pepper and hopefully soon our squash with be big enough and the tomatoes will be red. Kallie loves the garden and to pick the vegetables even if they are not big enough to pick or ripe. We are working on that.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Duck Heaven

On Easter Popa and Memaw bought Kallie two beautiful ducks. A yellow duck and brown duck found their home to be with us and Kallie too be their loving mom. We have worked everyday feeding, watering, bedding and playing with the ducks. They have grown so much and have become quite a part of our family. During the day we have a pen we put them in and they just play and play. I would turn on the water hose and squirt the ducks much to their enjoyment. However today was a very sad day for us. While Kallie and I went to town to run an earn one of the neighbours dogs broke into the duck pen and killed the ducks. I found the feather of Kallie favorite yellow duck but could not find trace of the brown duck. I headed to the neighbours full of anger and sadness for my daughter. She couldn't understand what happen to her ducks and why anything would want to hurt them. I found myself trying to explain to a 2 1/2 year old what happened and why. The only thing I could get her to understand was her ducks were in Duck Heaven with God. I had told the neighbour I couldn't find trace or feather of the brown duck so please keep an eye out but the yellow duck was found dead in their front yard. At about 4:30 this afternoon the neighbour brought to our front door Kallie's wonderful brown duck. While her duck is missing some feathers and pretty sore I think it will make it. This is a precious duck for my dear daughter and is positive her Popa and Memaw is going to have to buy her another yellow duck. The yellow one was her favorite. I thank my Lord and Heavenly Father that he brought the brown duck home for my daughter. These ducks were her first pet and to lose them at the hand of a dog has had its toll on her. I can't tell you how happy we are to have you Home little brown duck.