Wednesday, June 17, 2009

My Cowgirl

We had to rearrange our living room and Kallie spotted my saddle right of. She wanted to sit in my saddle and ride. She did her best to persuade her Daddy for a horse, sad blue eyes and all but Daddy didn't go for it. Of course he had to look away to say NO to her, but I am sure she will keep working on him and maybe oneday get her horse. Goodluck my girl!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

My Daily Walk had a Vistor

We have now lived in Selden for 3 years. I try to do my daily walk everyday of 1 1/2 miles. For the first time my walk had a vistor-a bad one, well should I say two vistors-a bad one and a good one. One was a little cotton tail rabbit that I was trying not to scare off. So while walking I was staying to the far side of my drive and trying not to make eye contact with the cotton tail so it would not run off, while doing so I came upon a snake. If you want to check your heart out and how much it can handle....walk up on a snake. I was 2 feet away from it and it was 2 feet long. I don't believe it was a bad snake but I don't like snakes. We had a brief (1 or 2 second) stare and I was gone. Back to the house I went to get Kenneth and the gun. But by the time my handsome Knight with armour got there the snake had slithered away. I am extra cautious now when I go outside. However the snake will not keep me fron walking, I just might carry a stick from now on.