Sunday, November 29, 2009


Halloween was a blast this year with all the gran-girls. Kallie is the oldest at 3 years old and she was Cinderella, Greyson is 2 years old and she was an Angel, Karleigh is 18 months old and she was a Witch-Good Witch and then little Bailey who is 13 months old and she was a Garden Gnome. They girls had a blast. We took Ma maw's wagons so the girls wouldn't get tired of walking. What fun it is to take your children Trick-or-Treating. To see their faces.

Happy 3ard Birthday to my little girl

Wow how fast 3 years has past since God gave us Kallie to brighten our lives and try our patience as well. I am truly amazed at how fast my baby girl has grown into a little girl literally we are shopping in the girls section for clothes now. Happy Birthday to our little girl and too many more wonderful birthdays. Thank you to everyone who came to help us celebrate Kallie's birthday.

Our 3 year old Cowgirl

Our little Cowgirl
On November 1 our little angel turned 3 years old. Time has flown by amazingly quick. At this rate tomorrow we will wake up and she will be starting school. I can wait.

Women of Faith

What a wonderful weekend Brenda, Teresa, Janice and I had at Women of Faith in Houston. It is truly an uplifting experience and will bring tears to your eyes to see all the Women who like you and I believe in Our Lord Jesus Christ. We were blessed to hear some wonderful speakers and amazing voices sing to us. The Women of Faith ladies are awesome! We were blessed to hear Stephen Curtis Chapman and well as Nicole C. Mullen, WOW! If you ever get the chance to go to a Women of Faith event please good, it will touch your heart in every way.

Kenneth's Red

Thanksgiving at the Coast

For Thanksgiving we did our 2Nd Annual fishing at Freeport for Reds. We had a great time, although this year it was cold the whole time. Thanks to the cold and rainy weather we brought home a couple of Reds and a Gaff Top aka Salt Water Catfish. Kenneth also caught a 2 foot Shark, Stingray and well as a Red that got to Kenneth's heart. She was large and full of eggs so he decided to let her live to see another day, we hope she didn't go right down the beach to the next hook and not so tender-hearted fisherman. Poppa caught a Red that he also had a tender-heart for and let live to to another day. So all in all a great fishing trip. Can't wait to go again. Kallie and I picked up a lot of shells, we found a rather large shell which is rare in Freeport, not many large shells on the beach there. We are so Thankful to be able to go to Freeport and fish to celebrate a wonderful Holiday in our country. Thank you Lord for all you have blessed us with and bring into our lives.