Monday, April 26, 2010

Day 3 of Sight-Seeing

Barnes' Family and the Capital
Inside the Smithsonian Castle

Kallie and the Wright Brothers

Well on our third day of sight-seeing we took off to see the Smithsonian Castle, Air and Space Museum and American Indian Museum. Kenneth had the day off so we brought him with us, this was his first day to sight-see. The Smithsonian Castle was beautiful with all of it's architectual work...truly a sight to see. Then we headed off to the Air and Space Museum and if you haven't been there and you get the chance you really need to go. It had everything from the Wright Brothers and their planes, War planes, Space Ships and a really cool kids hands on area. Kallie loved it but to tell you the truth I think we all enjoyed it. At the end of our day we walked in front of the Capital, took pictures and headed back from the train and home. So much to see and do up here, WOW!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Day 2 of Sight-seeing

WWII Memorial
Lincoln Monument

Jefferson Monument

One of the many FDR Statues with Falon his dog

Water Fall at the FDR Memorial Island

On Monday we headed off for day 2 of sight-seeing. We decided to start out at the Holocaust Museum and then take off walking to the Monuments for some up close pictures. My favorite part of the Holocaust Museum was Daniel's Story-For the Children. All I can say is WOW, it will bring tears to your eyes. Once done there we headed out for the Tidal Basin. It is surrounded by Cherry Tree's. Along the way we got caught in traffic due to our President traveling by in his motor cage, on his way to the Baseball Game to throw out the first pitch. He was 6 feet away from us, that was pretty cool. After they opened things back up, off we went. I bet we walked 4 or 5 miles but it was worth it. To see the Jefferson Memorial, FDR Memorial Island, Lincoln Monument, Washington Monument, WWII Memorial and Vietnam Memorial is amazing. I know Kallie doesn't understand anything she is seeing now, but when she gets older I think she will cherish these pictures, at least I hope so. We have a couple more days of sight-seeing coming up. I am so excited to see Ford Theater where Lincoln was assassinated, American Indian Museum and more.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Hoopy Easter

This year we were in Maryland for Easter. We missed the Easter Egg hunt at Hamilton with our family but we couldn't let Kallie down. So shopping the Easter Bunny went finding eggs, candy, more candy and a few surprises for Kallie. Much to the Easter Bunnies liking Kallie had a blast with her own egg hunt. It is such a joy to see her have a ball hunting eggs and the sheer excitement of her face.


The History in Washington DC is overwhelming to say the least, but I want to see it all. So when Kenneth's Mom, Janice got here for a visit we decided to tackle the sights. If you are not from this area the Metro(subway) System can be confusing, but we were sure we could make it. We got all our tickets (Bus to the Metro, Metro tickets and sight-seeing Bus tickets) and off we went. Luckily we had a couple from the park where we are staying help us out. If not for them I think our trip downtown would have been bad. We saw some Monuments, the White House and Federal Reserve, but the best part and majority of our day was spent at the Arlington National Cemetery. Standing and seeing Kennedy's grave will humble you if you are not already humbled by the acres and acres of white headstones showing you how many soldiers have given their life for you and me. If you ever get the chance you need to go. Seeing the changing of the guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier will touch your heart. God Bless America! And Thank you to all who have given their life for us!!!!!!!!!

National Zoo

Kallie had been asking for a few weeks to go to the Zoo and see the monkeys. Yes, that's all she pretty much cared about. So when Kenneth finally had a Saturday off we loaded up and took off to the Zoo. Wouldn't you know it though the day we went to the Zoo it was cool and even cold at times. Due to the coolness the animals weren't out in their habitats and didn't feel like playing. The highlight of the day was seeing the baby gorilla.....Kallie loved it. Other than that I would have to say the trip to the Zoo was disappointing. Oh, well.