Friday, December 10, 2010

Message from Santa

A few days ago Kallie received an email from Santa. I can't even begin to tell you how excited she was. It made her day. I have to say Thank you to Shelby for passing on this web-site. I have you to thank for the message from Santa.

The Big 4

We had a small last minutes birthday party for Kallie to celebrate her turning 4. I can't believe she is already 4 years seems only as though yesterday she was a baby and now she is a little girl. It's amazing to see how far she's came in 4 years, as a baby you think you know or can pin point what they will be like, but I am not so sure that's true. Kallie is into Disney Princess' like you would not believe and is more girly girl than I thought she would be. She is determined this year to kill her a buck or doe with her BB Gun. Don't tell her she can't because she is gonna do it. We have to laugh and she has already tried but chalked it up to missing. All I can say is the deer better watch out because in a few years she really will kill one but it won't be with her BB Gun. It seems unreal that next year she will be 5 years old but I know it will be another great year full of many wonderful memories of our little princess.

Most Beautiful Fairy Princess

Princess.........we were going to be Sleeping Beauty but at the very last minute our little princess changed her mind and decided she wanted to be a beautiful Fairy Princess. So it was and she was definitely beautiful. We went trick-or-treating with my nieces Bailey-the Bumble Bee 2 years old and Karleigh-Minnie Mouse-2 years old. The wagon was a must have, the girls do good for a while but then wear out and riding it is. We take blankets for when it's cold and they bundle up in between houses. They are funny. We had a blast. This year Kenneth, my Dad, Kyle(my brother) and Chris (a cousin) went along and if I am not mistaken I think they had just as much fun as the girls. I think they were making plans for next year, scary plans! One house had music blasting and lights flashing and let me tell you when we hit that house the girls could have cared less about candy, they were some dancing fools so....we spent a lot of time there. We all laughed and had fun watching them dance.

IGOR the Jack O Lantern

In October we had a booth in the Craft Fair at the Liberty Hill United Methodist Church. They have a large pumpkin patch and lots of kid activity's, so my Mom brought Kallie up to play. The mistake my Mom made was letting Kallie pick out her own pumpkin. Oh she couldn't just have any ole' pumpkin, no it had to be the biggest one there was, so my Dad bought Kallie her pumpkin to which we named Igor. Mind you that when I was growing up my Dad NEVER would have bought us this pumpkin, but for the grand kids....well things are different. And that's okay because Kallie loved this pumpkin. We had to research on line what kind of face Igor was going to have......and she found one so we set out to letting her clean out Igor. Then Daddy helped carve the face and Igor came alive. We set a large candle in him and he shinned so bright...oh Kallie was so proud of him. The day we had to dispose of Igor was not a great one for her, she couldn't understand why Igor was getting soft and stinky. Can't wait to see what our little Princess picks out next year although she is going to have a little brother to contend with.

I am behind by SEVERAL here we go

Lets see were do I start. Since I have last posted on our blog.....Kallie has had a birthday and turned 4 years old, we enjoyed Fall and Halloween, getting ready for Christmas and most important Kolby's due date/birthday is around the corner.

Since Kallie's birthday is November 1 we always do trick-or-treating and her party kinda together. It also happens to be my favorite time of the year, something about the winds getting cooler, pumpkins and pumpkin spice candles burning, leaves falling....well you get the picture. I truly love this time of the year. While at Leander we went up the road from my parent's house to the little Methodist Church to their pumpkin patch and took some Fall/Pumpkin Patch pictures of Kallie. The older she gets the easier she is to photograph, which is a blessing because when she was little, good luck it was pretty much out of the question. My sister Amber and her little girl Bailey came along to take pictures of their own too. Above are a few pictures we took.