Friday, December 10, 2010

I am behind by SEVERAL here we go

Lets see were do I start. Since I have last posted on our blog.....Kallie has had a birthday and turned 4 years old, we enjoyed Fall and Halloween, getting ready for Christmas and most important Kolby's due date/birthday is around the corner.

Since Kallie's birthday is November 1 we always do trick-or-treating and her party kinda together. It also happens to be my favorite time of the year, something about the winds getting cooler, pumpkins and pumpkin spice candles burning, leaves falling....well you get the picture. I truly love this time of the year. While at Leander we went up the road from my parent's house to the little Methodist Church to their pumpkin patch and took some Fall/Pumpkin Patch pictures of Kallie. The older she gets the easier she is to photograph, which is a blessing because when she was little, good luck it was pretty much out of the question. My sister Amber and her little girl Bailey came along to take pictures of their own too. Above are a few pictures we took.

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