Friday, December 10, 2010

Most Beautiful Fairy Princess

Princess.........we were going to be Sleeping Beauty but at the very last minute our little princess changed her mind and decided she wanted to be a beautiful Fairy Princess. So it was and she was definitely beautiful. We went trick-or-treating with my nieces Bailey-the Bumble Bee 2 years old and Karleigh-Minnie Mouse-2 years old. The wagon was a must have, the girls do good for a while but then wear out and riding it is. We take blankets for when it's cold and they bundle up in between houses. They are funny. We had a blast. This year Kenneth, my Dad, Kyle(my brother) and Chris (a cousin) went along and if I am not mistaken I think they had just as much fun as the girls. I think they were making plans for next year, scary plans! One house had music blasting and lights flashing and let me tell you when we hit that house the girls could have cared less about candy, they were some dancing fools so....we spent a lot of time there. We all laughed and had fun watching them dance.

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